Welcome to MarComm Consulting

General Manager, David MarsolaisWe realize business owners and managers don’t have the time to determine which General Industry Safety Orders under Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations apply to their employee work activities. Compliance (even for those in “non-hazardous” industries) simply consumes valuable time. Many owners purchase expensive materials and place them on shelves, thinking compliance has been met. Compliance means your site plan is specific, covering all SB 198 components, with each employee knowledgeable of the plan and their expected safe-work behaviors.

Our goal is to remove your SB 198 struggle at a reasonable price. We have many satisfied clients throughout the state who will verify our customer focus and commitment.

We provide process with our programs, so you are in full compliance without massive time requirements. Our client IIPPs have passed all Cal/OSHA site reviews to date, saving thousands of dollars in fines. Shouldn’t you have a MarComm program too?

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