Have you heard about I2P2?

I2P2 is the new Federal OSHA title for the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan you have heard about since the early 1990’s. The vision seems to be that despite all the existing regulations from States and the Federal Government, too many employees are still getting injured. Meetings are being held with experts, and companies with good safety records to determine what should be in the new rules when they are crafted. I have copied and pasted from Federal OSHA’s web site some of the components which may be included in the new regulation.

They are as follows:

“Based on OSHA’s experience, the agency believes that an I2P2 rule would include the following elements:

  1. Management duties (including items such as establishing a policy, setting goals, planning and allocating resources, and assigning and communicating roles and responsibilities);
  2. Employee participation (including items such as involving employees in establishing, maintaining and evaluating the program, employee access to safety and health information, and employee role in incident investigations);
  3. Hazard identification and assessment (including items such as what hazards must be identified, information gathering, workplace inspections, incident investigations, hazards associated with changes in the workplace, emergency hazards, hazard assessment and prioritization, and hazard identification tools);
  4. Hazard prevention and control (including items such as what hazards must be controlled, hazard control priorities, and the effectiveness of the controls);
  5. Education and training (including items such as content of training, relationship to other OSHA training requirements, and periodic training); and
  6. Program evaluation and improvement (including items such as monitoring performance, correcting program deficiencies, and improving program performance).

If your Injury and Illness Prevention program is only one page long, now is a good time to do a little more….. remember, “Safety is NOT what we talk about, it’s about what you and your employees actually do”.


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