LOTO winners or losers?

Lockout/Tagout is the process used to prevent the accidental release of hazardous energy.  Everyone seems to know about LOTO, but when OSHA comes around, can you stand the acid test to avoid fines and citations?

The facts are, many firms have generic policies about isolating equipment, placing locks and tags, releasing stored energy, and some might even have copies of Federal OSHA’s final rule 29 CFR 1910.147, but that is just not enough.

The reality is, fines will probably be issued, because although the basic process is the same, Lockout/Tagout procedures need to be specific to each machine or piece of equipment where protective guards will be removed, and employees will be exposed to a point of operation.

I heartily recommend taking the time to get specific about how your employees will perform maintenance, where locks and tags will be placed, and when it is safe for them to remove protective guards.  The efforts you make now could save your employee from a nasty injury, and save you from thousands of dollars in fines and citations.

Remember safety is not what we talk about, it’s what you and your employees actually do.


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