Post Your Log 300 Forms

It’s that time of year when “Log 300″ forms must be posted in an employee area.  Your employees have a right to know how safe their workplace is.  During the year, all workplace injuries and lost time are tracked, and summarized on the Log 300.  It must be posted where employees can see it from February 1st through April 30th.  It can be taken down on May 1st and placed back in your Human Resources file.

When posting the form, do not show the names of those individuals with lost time, only show the numbers by folding the document on the line marked to do so.  Federal law requires the posting of this form each year.  General Duty clauses, both State and Federal, indicate employers must provide workplaces that are healthful and free of hazards.  Posting the Log 300 form makes it clear how safety conscious the company is.  The numbers reflect the commitment each person, Management and Non-Management has made to creating and maintaining a safe workplace.

The numbers on the Log 300 can also be used to identify particular things that could be done to reduce injuries.  If, for instance, there are numerous slips, trips, and falls,  engineering controls such as handrails can be placed to reduce the potential for further injuries.  I know of one instance where female employees were told they could no longer wear footwear with small heels until the slip, trip accidents went away.  A heel the size of a dime has much less coefficient of friction than one that is three inches across.  ,

I’m not suggesting the banning of certain footwear in the workplace.  I’m saying use the Log 300 to help identify the causes of injuries in your workplace, then take some action to stop it.  We’ve been told to “watch where we’re going” since we were small children, but about 20% of the workplace injuries are related to not doing that very well.  I’m sure you have all seen the youtube video of the lady who walked into the fountain because she was texting.

This post is short as I’m on the road, but posting the Log 300 is too important for me to wait any longer to bring it up.  Safety is NOT what we talk about, it’s about what you and your employees ACTUALLY DO.


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