Over the years, MarComm Consulting’s continual involvement in the world of safety has led to the development of several products to supplement and resolve some industry-specific needs. We have created everything from a safety incentive game, Don’t Lose Your Marbles™, to a Bloodborne Pathogen Response Kit. If your industry has a specific need, contact MarComm Consulting and we will find the solution.

MSDS Service

Binder with Material Safety Data Sheets Tired of managing Material Safety Data Sheets at your workplace? With our MSDS Service, MarComm Consulting will take the hassle out of maintaining and inventory of chemicals. We will collect and assemble up to 50 Material Safety Data Sheets for your business in a bright, and easily identifiable folder.

This is a perfect accompanying product for your Injury Illness Prevention Program or Hazardous Materials Business Review Plan.

Training CDs

Training CDs Do you have employees that need training, and no time to do it? Would you like to implement a training program without hiring a training manager? Our training CDs might be just what you need. Packed with video and audio to appeal to all learning types, our training CDs will allow you to you to get your new employees thinking about safety so that you can spend your time thinking about your business.

Note: You will need a PC-compatible computer with a minimum of 64MB of RAM and Windows 98.

  • Tow Safely Training Series: Hand and Wrist Safety: Available NOW
  • Other Titles: Available soon

Bloodborne Pathogen Response Kit

Bloodborne Pathogen Kit Are you worried about your employees becoming exposed to Bloodborne Pathogen (HIV, Hep A,B, and C)? If any of your employees come in contact with potentially hazardous situations, you must have something to protect them. This kit contains everything you will need to safely and successfully clean, sanitize, and dispose of potentially bio-hazardous materials (any spill or cleanup that is beyond the ability and training of the responsible party should be cleaned by a professional). Keep one in your office, or in your truck/car.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles™–A Safety Incentive Game

Don't Lose Your Marbles Don’t Lose Your Marbles™ is a safety incentive game offered by MarComm Consulting. Originally created for the towing industry (but easily applicable to every industry), the game divides your work force into teams. Your employees compete as individuals and teams for a cash incentive offered at the end of each month. Choose rotating topics like No Accidents, Punctuality, and General Housekeeping. If you want a POSITIVE way to motivate your employees to act and work in ways that will make your business more profitable, Don’t Lose Your Marbles™ is the way to do it.

Forklift Inspection Booklets

Forklift Inspection Books It is a requirement in California for all businesses who own and operate a fork lift, power-assisted lifting tool, or any powered lift truck to inspect each piece of equipment each working day. MarComm has developed a set of 12 books designed to assist you in data recording–one for each month of the year. The books are laminated for durability, and come pre-punched to hang right on the vehicle. Order a set of books for each of your powered lift trucks, and let MarComm make complying with the law easy!

If products like these can help your business operate smoother, more efficiently, or more profitably, or if you have a special need to fill within your company, contact MarComm Consulting at 1-800-748-6424 or e-mail today.

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